Know the facts about Corine Frank D3

Board of Education candidate Corine Frank’s deeply partisan activities should concern the voters of District 3.  Rather than quality education for all, is her allegiance to AACo politicians and the Republican Party?

Did you know? 

  • Corine Frank has a long record of partisan activities that began as a volunteer on Del Nic Kipke’s first campaign:[1]
  • Currently the Executive Director for the MD Republican party – appointed by Dirk Haire (councilmember Jessica Haire’s husband)
  • Former campaign director of Councilman Nathan Volke
  • Steve Schuh appointee on the AACo School Board Appointment Commission
  • Served as Vice Chair of the AACo Republican Central Committee and Rules Committee Chair of the MD Republican Party
  • Filed for the permit that allowed Pence to give his Republican National Convention speech at Fort McHenry.[2]
  • Corine Frank’s largest campaign donor is Scott Strategies, headed by the wife of Lawrence Scott, a notorious former employee of Wes Adams who was investigated for holding a no-show county job, and who resigned in disgrace to run Adams’ campaign. Her second-largest donors are Del Kipke and Councilman Volke.[3]
  • A maskless Frank spoke at a recent rally at the BOE building with the ReOpen Maryland chair, Tim Walters, who contracted Covid and refused to have his contacts traced. Frank wants schools to re-open, against the advice of the school system and teachers.[4]
  • Corine Frank vocally opposed the repeal of the anti-immigrant ICE 287(g) program, which is at odds with the legislative position of the Maryland Association of the Boards of Ed (MABE).[5] She recently spoke in support of reinstating the ICE 287(g) program.[6]
  • In a discussion at the county council on racist incidents in the Chesapeake cluster, Corine Frank testified in defense of the community’s intolerant reputation alongside speakers who vocalized racist and anti-immigration views.[7] She fails to respond to candidate surveys that ask about racism in our county.[8],[9]

Corine Frank’s partisan positions do not model values of tolerance and inclusivity, and leave her vulnerable to partisan influence. 

Frank’s poor judgement could lead to BOE decisions that will risk the welfare of our children.

Get to know your candidates before you vote!







[7] Begins at 5:24



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By authority of the WISE Women PAC of Maryland, Janet Holbrook, Treasurer

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