Trump’s false economic claims aren’t a reason to vote for him

WISE’s own Marilyn Higgs writes the facts in her letter to the editor of the Washington Post.
September 10, 2020 at 5:18 p.m. EDT

Regarding Catherine Rampell’s Sept. 4 op-ed, “Here’s some math the right might accept”:

Frustratingly, I have heard President Trump’s false economic narrative repeated by many of his supporters, who frequently use it as their primary reason to vote for Mr. Trump in November. They believe it, because Mr. Trump has repeatedly made these claims without much pushback from the Democratic Party or the media.

Perhaps the willingness of Trump supporters to accept his version of events is also rooted in the mythical tale told by Republicans that they are better economic managers than are Democrats. In fact, ever since the Truman administration, the U.S. economy has performed better under Democratic presidents than under Republicans. Real gross domestic product has grown about 1.6 times faster on average under Democrats, and private-sector job growth has been 2.5 times faster under Democrats.

So the message for Trump supporters is that the numbers speak for themselves. Mr. Trump’s false economic claims are no longer a valid reason to vote for him. You are now free to vote for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

Marilyn HiggsSeverna Park

You can see the LTE submitted to the Washington Post here .

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