Action needed TODAY

From Maryland Alliance for Justice Reform (MAJR)

Please Send email to Judiciary and Judicial Proceedings

Maryland’s legislative session is short – only 90 days. And we are over halfway through. One important deadline looms: the Committee Reporting Date, March 16 – next Tuesday. On this date, bills that have been heard by committees but not voted on will be effectively dead.

We need your help in asking the President of the Senate, the Speaker of the House, and the Chairmen of key committees to schedule a vote on these bills before Tuesday!

HB580/SB402 Driver’s License Suspension

If someone is behind in their child support payments, the State automatically suspends the individual’s driver’s license, taking away the ability to drive legally, the ability to get to a job, the ability to earn money to pay the child support.

This doesn’t make sense, especially for those who have low income.

HB580/SB402 addresses this inconsistency to repair this injustice in Maryland. BUT unless either the Senate or House committee votes on this by Tuesday March 16th, this important bill will not get a vote on the floor. Please help with the letter writing campaign.

Currently, Maryland automatically suspends the driver’s licenses of those who are behind on their child-support payments.  This is a crisis for low-income individuals who are already struggling financially and need their driver’s licenses to become or stay employed. People who need to drive to work may be imprisoned if they drive with a suspended license. It is particularly counter-productive because the state’s strongest tool for child support enforcement is wage garnishment. Loss of the ability to drive can throw people into poverty and reduce the likelihood that they can provide child support payments in the future.

For more information see the fact sheet developed by the Job Opportunities Task Force (JOTF), and here is a copy of their testimony.

Please click here to create a sample letter to committee chairs, which you may personalize.

or here.

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