Please do and spread the word: help us capture a breadth of community voices who can speak to what a comprehensive policy for LGBTQ+ students would mean to them


My name is -Jennifer and I’m a member of the Coalition for LGBTQ+ Students helping to collectively advocate for and pass the new inclusive LGBTQ+ educational policy within AACPS.

We’re reaching out to our AACPS community with a request that we hope you will all share far and wide! Now that the “Safe & inclusive Environments for LGBTQ Students” has entered its 30-day public comment period with the AACPS Board, we wanted to solicit as much feedback as possible from current and former LGBTQ+ and allied students, educators, staff, families, and community members about what the passage of this policy would mean to them.  We’re putting together a compelling video montage of all media folks submit; be it written, visual, audio, or a video/recording–and it can be submitted anonymously without any identifiers (for confidentiality and safety) or with any attributions you would like.  As the Board approaches a vote on the final policy over the next month or so, we will share this completed video as a community response speaking to the positive impacts of this landmark policy on our AACPS LGBTQ+ students and community.

Please help us capture a breadth of community voices who can speak to what this policy would mean to them by spreading the link below to as many contacts, communities, groups, and lists as possible, with a focus on capturing as much student voice as possible. The Board has repeatedly made it clear that they would like to hear from the students themselves about the impacts of this policy and we want to help make sure they do!

Here’s the google form link for dissemination:

Thank you so much and let’s get this passed together!  And don’t forget: we’re always here if you need additional support–The Coalition for LGBTQ+ Students has so many wonderful LGBTQ+ folks and allies standing ready to help at any time (or point you in the right direction for additional resources and support!), so please always feel free to reach out with any questions, comments, or concerns if you ever need anything!
Most sincerely,
Jennifer H

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