Implore the BoE members to uphold their responsibility to ensure that educators can TEACH THE TRUTH

Individuals and groups such as Moms for Liberty have been testifying at Board of Education (BoE) meetings nationally and here in Anne Arundel County against Critical Race Theory. A few people testified against Critical Race Theory at the Board of Education Public Forum held on Monday, November 15. You can watch it here. There is another Board of Education meeting TODAY. Although it is too late to sign up to testify and submit testimony, it is not too late to write an email, which is what we would like to ask you to do.
We would like you to email the Superintendent and the Board of Education members from Anne Arundel County in support of teaching the truth and Culturally Responsive Teaching. There is a sample template that you can access here in order to draft your email. If you decide to do this and use this template, please access the document here, click on “file” in the left-hand corner, choose “make a copy,” and click “okay.” This will allow you to personalize the draft, make edits, and then copy and paste it into an email.

Thank you. Anything you can send today that implores the BoE members to uphold their responsibility to ensure that educators can TEACH THE TRUTH is a step in the right direction.

With deep gratitude,

Connecting the Dots AACo (WISE Racial Justice Huddle is an integral part of Connecting the Dots)

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