Our Mission

WISE is an all-volunteer women-led group who advocates for sensible, equitable, and effective policies at the county, state, and national level. WISE was formed in Anne Arundel County, Maryland after the Women’s March of 2017 and has grown to over 600 members.  We work in issue-based huddles that include: Criminal Justice Reform, Education, Environment/Climate, Fair Democracy, Gun Violence Prevention, Healthcare, LGBTQ+ Advocacy, Poverty, Racial Justice, and Women’s Issues. Each huddle proposes priorities, activities, and actions. Our general meetings, special events, and communications provide our broader membership with opportunities to learn, have civil conversations, and act.

WISE is a fact-based organization. We believe in researching and understanding issues. WISE advocates for legislation which addresses our priorities, evaluates and supports legislators and candidates whose goals align with our values, and holds elected officials accountable. We partner with organizations that share our values and goals and work with our elected officials, regardless of their political affiliation, to advocate for positive change. We strive to provide opportunities for those with a variety of skills, resources, and available time to act and create change in our communities. Our effectiveness and strength are amplified by working together.

Get Involved

Complete our short Google Form to let us know what issue-based Huddles you’re interested in and what communications you’d like to receive from us.

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