Act Now

For WISE to accomplish our goals, it is essential that we are all using our voice to advocate in our community. There are many ways to take action: contacting your elected officials about a piece of legislation, attending community meetings, participating in a lobby day, or attending a march. Below are issues that need your attention and action right now.

SJ 1, the Democracy Amendment Resolution, will be heard in the Senate Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs Committee at 1:00
WISE Women (MD) - Bond for Alberto  Share   Tweet  18 shares Since the end of 287g in our county,
Lobby Night is Monday, Feb 11th: Help Us Ban Brain-damaging Chlorpyrifos Dear Smart on Pesticides Coalition, Lobby Night is a
Please share on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well!!! Thank you. I need everyone to call and email this weekend
If you didn't hear:  Speaker Bush and President Miller announced yesterday that the Foam Ban is one of their top
On Feb 6 (10AM) the Board of Education will be voting on making the Global Citizen course a requirement for our