Category: Political Advocacy & Accountability

WISE releases its annual scorecard!

WISE is proud to present the 2019 Scorecards so that you can see how your legislators performed this year. Please read and share widely. This year we worked in partnership with the Maryland Legislative Coalition to give a more thorough overview of our representatives,…

Join Action Annapolis June 5th at Metropolitan for this awesome opportunity!


Briefing Notes for New Pittman Administration

In January, 2019 a delegation of WISE women met with County Executive Steuart Pittman to discuss priorities to the administration. A number of suggestions of early actions were put forward – some with a view to influencing the budget process, some with no budget…

Get Money Out of Politics

Please watch the great video below of Michelle Koul, member of our Political Advocacy & Accountability Huddle, testifying to limit the role of money in politics! She spoke on the role of money in state politics and the need to keep races inclusive, competitive,…

Money in Maryland Politics

Last year our amazing member Michelle Koul gave WISE a presentation on money in politics in Maryland and local elections. Check out her powerpoint here!