Criminal Justice Reform

If you would like to join the WISE Criminal Justice Reform Huddle, please email
Please comment on federal criminal justice regulations that are moving in the wrong direction.
This is an urgent note regarding a change in federal regulations. That change would require applicants for federal jobs to
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An Excellnt watch: We Need to Talk About an Injustice by Bryan Stevenson
Please watch and share!
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Visit the County Executive’s budget planner, please.
County Executive Pittman’s budget tool is posted on the AA Co web site and  is not only great for figuring
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Call Senator Zirkin to bring HB782 to a vote. Maryland must do the right thing for victims.
From The Human Trafficking Prevention Project: Despite overwhelming support for the True Freedom Act spurred on by an agreement on
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Mark your calendars to Lobby for Justice and Jobs on 3/19
If you plan to attend, please contact Faciliator of WISE Criminal Justice Huddle at From Out For Justice: My
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An excellent pod cast about the reality of voter suppression from the ACLU and how YOU can improve voting rights
Here is an excerpt from the ACLU podcast with Emerson Sykes, ACLU Staff Attorney interview Dr. Carol Anderson of Emory
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Please call to end Solitary Confinement for children.
Maryland uses solitary confinement at about twice the national average. Moreover, the average length of stay is between 124-130 days.
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Men in Maryland have 9 PreRelease Centers, Women have 0. This is a call to all women to Raise your
This bill which will provide ONE PreRelease center for women while men have 9 is just sitting in committee!  We
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Please join the ACLU for lobby day March 4th
ACLU Lobby Day – Dare To Create A Better Maryland We need you, your family members, and your neighbors to
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