Environment & Climate

Our Mission

The Environment & Climate Huddle works on a wide range of environmental and climate issues by partnering with allied groups and elected officials. We push for robust legislation to reduce waste, cut carbon emissions, and expand renewable energy for all communities, especially those communities disproportionately overburdened by pollution and the fossil fuel economy.

We work at the state and county level to advocate, testify, and hold our legislators accountable. We share actionable items for WISE membership to engage in the legislative process, and useful information on environmentally impactful actions at a personal level. Please reach out for more information or to join our group: Ann Jackson: annjackson61@gmail.com or Monica O’Connor: mdoconnor17@gmail.com

Our Work

Waste Reduction – WISE is collaborating with Sierra Club & Trash Free MD to advocate for a ban on single use plastic bags in Anne Arundel County. Currently we are actively working with a County Councilmember who will sponsor the bill, likely in November. We encourage WISE membership to put pressure on our Councilmembers. Once passed, we will be working with our sponsor to pass legislation to have “plastics on request.”

Statewide WISE will continue to advocate for waste reduction bills, specifically in the Senate where these bills have historically stalled.

Please support our work by reducing your personal use of plastic and putting pressure on your Councilmembers to support this legislation! 

Climate – WISE works in collaboration with the statewide Maryland Legislative Coalition-  Climate Justice Wing to collectively lobby and work alongside allied legislators to enact climate legislation with emphasis on communities overburdened by the climate crisis.

Partnering with the Chesapeake Climate Action Network WISE will advocate for a 2022 comprehensive climate package to meaningfully reduce emissions. Specifically we will advocate to increase clean energy carve outs, improve and expand public transit and electrify buildings.

Upcoming Events

Power in the Park Event: Helping Residents Bring Down Energy Costs 

Community event sponsored by Del. Mike Rogers to help Anne Arundel residents reduce their utility bills and access housing services 

WHAT: Power in the Park community event to help residents reduce energy costs

WHEN: Saturday October 23 from 10am – noon.

WHERE: Matthewstown Harmans Park – 7605 Ridge Chapel Road, Hanover

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