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Georgetown University is currently proposing to cut down 249 acres of Southern Maryland’s largest forest to build a large-scale solar
We’re all waiting for Governor Hogan to sign the Clean Energy Jobs Act. We’re waiting for him to create thousands
Need a summary of legislative wins and losses for the environment in Maryland this legislative session? Take a look at
Call Governor Hogan! The Clean Energy Jobs Act passed!!!but for this victory to take effect, the governor will need to SIGN
County Executive Pittman’s budget tool is posted on the AA Co web site and  is not only great for figuring
The Clean Energy Jobs Act is on the move! Yesterday it will be moved from the Rules Committee! Today it
The Clean Energy Jobs Act has the support of an enormous coalition of scientists, faith leaders, industry, environmental groups and
The Maryland League of Conservation Voters released their 2019 Governor's Report Card , keeping score of Governor Hogan's environmental record.
Excelon is lobbying to put nuclear in the Maryland Renewable Portfolio Standard. Did you know all the nuclear sites in