The Environmental Huddle works on a wide range of issues, including increasing clean energy use and reducing waste in Maryland. To receive information about our next meeting and upcoming events, email marylandwisewomen@gmail.com.

Ask Senator Reilly to support the Pipeline Water Protection Act S 387B to protect our waterways from fracked gas. Call
From Friends of the Earth: Great news! The Maryland House of Representatives just passed a bill to ban the brain-damaging
How about: Tomorrow the entire Senate will be voting on The Clean Energy Jobs Act (CEJA) SB 516. Senator Reilly
Please call these Anne Arundle County Delegates and ask them to support HB1158 Clean Energy Jobs. The Senate has passed
  JOIN THE ANNAPOLIS YOUTH CLIMATE STRIKE! Youth-led and organized, the Annapolis Youth Climate Strike gives a voice to those
The Intergovermental Panel on Climate Change has given the world about a decade to reverse the worst effect of a
From Chesapeake Bay Foundation: Bulldozers are primed and ready to destroy more than 200 acres of Maryland's highest-value, contiguous forest.
It's time to Combat Climate Change!  Maryland is one of the county's most vulnerable states because of our 3000 miles
Take action now: Tell your Representative to ban Dow's toxic brain-damaging pesticide chlorpyrifos TODAY! In our food, kids are exposed