The Immigration Huddle supports pro-immigration legislation and actively raises funds for legal representation for local immigrants. We also regularly partner with groups who support our local immigrant population by providing support legally, politically, financially, and pragmatically. We hold monthly meetings and are always looking for new members, if you would like to join please email

Please take action action to restore community trust
From the ACLU: People deserve to feel safe in our communities. People deserve to feel that their government will uphold
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Bond for Alberto Fundraiser
UPDATE: As of our February 10th deadline we raised $2,170 for this important cause. Unfortunately, this was not enough to
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Fathers Separated From Their Children at the Border Held In Maryland
In June, the immigration detention center in Anne Arundel County was holding 113 men who were imprisoned by ICE officers.
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Immigrant Screening Program
Check out this letter to the editor in the Capital Gazette about ending the program that detains immigrants in Anne
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ACLU: Since When is Every Immigrant a Criminal?
This episode of the ACLU’s podcast discusses the harmful rhetoric this administration uses when talking about immigrants. A full description
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CAIR Fundraiser
A big thanks and congrats to the WISE Immigration Huddle for a successful fundraiser for a hugely important cause! “Tacos
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