Animal Welfare

The Animal Welfare Huddle is committed to the well being and humane treatment of animals. We believe all living creatures should be treated with compassion as a great benefit to the animal and to the person. The WISE Animal Welfare Huddle supports the legislative agenda of the Humane Society and Maryland Votes for Animals. If you would like to join our huddle, please email

2020 Legislative Priorities for WISE Animal Welfare Huddle

Ban on Cosmetics Testing on Animals (SB 729) – This bill would prevent companies from selling cosmetics that have been newly tested on animals. More info:

Ban on Wildlife Killing Contests (HB 863) – This bill would prohibit the random killing of mammals in wildlife killing contests, where the sole purpose of the event is to kill the largest number of animals possible, often for cash or guns. The bodies of these animals are usually left or discarded, leaving their young to starve. More information:

Also visit: Maryland Votes for Animals:

Humane Lobby Day is February 26, 2020. For more information:

End animal testing for cosmetics! It is cruel and unnecessary!
End animal testing for cosmetics (SB 729) Animal testing for cosmetics is cruel and unnecessary. In traditional animal tests, rabbits,
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Please contact your Delegates today to support a full Ban on cruel and inhumane killing contests.
PLEASE click on this link and send your Reps a strong letter urging them to vote for a full ban
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World Day for Animals
Please read the below message from PETA about World for Animals Day this Wednesday April 24th. “The Trump administration just
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Protect dogs from extreme weather,, support HB501
From Maryland Votes for Animals: Please Support HB 501: Crimes – Unattended Dogs in Extreme Weather HB 501 would establish
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Act today to prevent cruel cownose ray killing contests
Maryland: Prevent cruel cownose ray killing contests Cownose ray killing contests used to take place each summer in Maryland waters.
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Humane Lobby Day
Humane Lobby Day is a fantastic opportunity to make a difference for animals! Every year, animal advocates from all across
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PETA is Helping Pets Trapped Outside in Cold Weather
Check out one of the latest episodes of PETA’s podcast, How PETA is Helping Dogs and Cats Trapped Outside in
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Please contact your Representatives to help abused and neglected animals!
Support a Maryland cost of animal care bill When animals are lawfully seized from cruelty situations in Maryland, the cost
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Please call Delegate Malone and ask him to support the Maryland Cost of Animal Care bill
Support a Maryland cost of animal care bill The Maryland cost of animal care bill will be before the House
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