If you would like to join the WISE Education Huddle, please contact

Join the WISE Poverty Huddle and WISE Education Huddle for a joint meeting, yummy holiday snacks and hot spiced cider, and a letter writing activity!  Spouses, children, and friends welcome!
This year should be an exciting year for education reform, with the massive support Marylanders showed for Question 1 (requiring the state to use the revenues from lotteries and gaming to supplement education funding instead of replace previous funding).
Our letter writing activity will be to throw in our support for Maryland to fund:

* early childhood education funding (especially in poor communities),
* better pay for teachers,
* smaller classroom sizes,
* more vocational technical programs,
and other educational reforms recently recommended by the state’s Kirwan commission.
More Good News!: Michelle Koul has agreed to facilitate the WISE Education Huddle, so now we can make this a joint meeting of WISE Poverty and WISE Education.
The WISE Poverty and Education Huddles will be partnering with other groups that are making a big push for MD to support legislation reform recommendations of the Kirwan commission, these groups include: StrongSchoolsMaryland, ACLU, Case de Maryland, MAJR, TAAAC, MSEA.
760 Stacy Oak Way, Millersville
Hope to see you there!
Jenny Zito
Facilitator for the WISE Poverty Huddle
Michelle Koul
Facilitator for the WISE Education Huddle

Is Steve Schuh’s failure to properly fund the AACPublic School budget affecting your property value?

It has been shown that every dollar spent per pupil increases aggregate per pupil housing values by $20. BUT despite being the third wealthiest county in MD, @AACountySchools ranks 18th on per pupil spending. It’s no wonder our houses are depreciating!

Read more here from taaac: False Claims By County Govt. Education Officer
losingground #ShortfallSchuh #VoteforPitman

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