The Poverty Huddle works on a variety of issues that can help break the cycle of poverty, such as education reform, expanded free lunches, affordable housing, and more vocational technical programs. To receive information about our next meeting and upcoming events, please email MarylandWISEWomen@gmail.com

County Executive Pittman’s budget tool is posted on the AA Co web site and  is not only great for figuring
This week Dr. Pamela Brown, executive director of the Anne Arundel County Partnership for Children, Youth, and Families presented “Poverty
From Strong Schools Maryland: Our battle for a world-class education continues and your voice matters to get us to our
From Maryland ACLU: The time is now to fight to ensure that the initial down payment on the Kirwan public
Thanks to the Kirwan Commission, The Blueprint for Maryland’s Future (SB 1030/HB 1413) will be voted on in the coming
Maryland has a once in a generation opportunity to create a world-class education system in Maryland. Find out the numbers
Anne Arundel County Executive Steuart Pittman will be hosting seven town hall meetings to discuss the county budget with community