Racial Justice

The Racial Justice Huddle recognizes that systemic racism still exists in every aspect of American society and that white supremacy is infused into the foundation of this country. Racism is perpetuated through white privilege, the white standard, and unequal treatment of people of color in the educational, criminal justice, and other core institutions.  Our mission is to educate ourselves, ask ourselves the hard questions about our history and current society, and to act to eradicate racism and to come together to create a more just future for all. To receive information about our next meeting and upcoming events, please email marylandwisewomen@gmail.com. 
AACo Budget: study up, show up, speak up! We need more teachers and equitable pay for our experienced teachers!
Anne Arundel County Executive Steuart Pittman will be hosting seven town hall meetings to discuss the county budget with community
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Men in Maryland have 9 PreRelease Centers, Women have 0. This is a call to all women to Raise your
This bill which will provide ONE PreRelease center for women while men have 9 is just sitting in committee!  We
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The Racist Reality of Voter Suppression
As Black History Month comes to an end, Professor Carol Anderson (Emory University) joins At Liberty to discuss ongoing voter
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Please join the ACLU for lobby day March 4th
ACLU Lobby Day – Dare To Create A Better Maryland We need you, your family members, and your neighbors to
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Action Alert for TODAY: Support the Maryland Lynching Truth and Reconciliation Commission
Action required! From the Executive Director of the Maryland Lynching Memorial Project: Tomorrow, Tuesday, February 12 at 1p, the Judiciary
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Tribute to Henry Davis
On December 21st a number of advocacy groups, working with the Equal Justice Initiative, gathered at the Civil Rights Foot
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Elizabeth Morris, First Black Woman on AA Circuit Court
Governor Hogan has appointed Elizabeth Morris to serve on the Anne Arundel Circuit Court. She will be the first black
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Does the 2nd Amendment Only Protect White People?
We have seen time and time again unarmed black Americans get shot and killed, but for those who follow the
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Reported to Police for Walking While Black
“Last month, I walked across the campus of the University of Massachusetts Amherst to get to work. It was an
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