WISE Criminal Justice Reform Priority Legislation

Bills of Interest

Reducing the Flow Into Prisons:

* Pretrial Services Grant Fund HB447 would designate certain funds for pretrial services such as risk assessment analysis for pretrial release, community supervision programs, and diversion into drug/alcohol or mental health treatment.

* Mental Health HB111/SB233 the state could no longer use “lack of beds” as an excuse not to supply mental health treatment to those in need.

* Inmate Release HB110 requires the court (instead of suspect) to pay for monitoring equipment during pretrial supervised release, or while serving a sentence with community supervision.

* Body Attachment Prohibition HB 545 eliminates law allowing landlords to arrest tenants for inability to pay rent

* Citations in Lieu of Arrest HB323/SB248: This bill would give police the option to give a citation (ticket) instead of requiring arrest for an expanded list of minor crimes.

* Decriminalization HB325/SB446 turns minor drug possession charges from misdemeanor (crimes) into civil offenses (ticketed offenses)

* Inmate Release Funding HB110 requiring court (instead of suspect) to pay for monitoring equipment during pretrial supervision or while serving a sentence that allows some time out in community.

* PreKindergarten Funding HB10 utilizes unpaid lottery prize money to fund PreK programs in proportion to lottery sales in each county.

Reducing the Cycle Back Into Prison:

* Expungement for Minor Crimes HB382 allows for minor criminal record to be expunged such as: poverty-related crimes (e.g. sleeping on benches), minor marijuana possession, crimes that are no longer crimes, charges were dismissed, a trial was indefinitely postponed on condition of participating in a drug or alcohol treatment program.

* Education Credits for Prisoners HB295 reduces sentences based on earned education credits such as GEDs.

Humane Treatment:

* Inmate Hygiene Pads HB797/SB598 prisons must supply women prisoners with feminine hygiene products

* Inmate Pregnancy Policy HB787 requires inmate pregnancy policies be in place and be supplied to pregnant prisoners.

* Juvenile Confidentiality HB555/SB257 ensures the confidentiality of juvenile records even if they are charged as adults.

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