2018 Legislative Scorecard

WISE Issue of Interest

*Based on final vote in House or Senate

Senator Reilly Delegate Malone Delegate McConkey Delegate Saab Status
HB0532/SB0594 Elective Franchise – Registration & Voting at Place of Voting 

Allow a qualified individual to register and vote at a polling place on election day or on a day designated for voting before election day

N N N N Passed
HB0662/SB0256  Presidential Candidate Tax Transparency Act 

Requiring candidates for President or Vice President of the United States to file public copies of federal tax returns in order to appear on the ballot in Maryland

N n/a n/a n/a Not Passed

(Stuck in Ways and Means)

HB0152/SB1048  Secure and Accessible Registration Act

Allowing automatic registration of voters at places like the MVA unless voter opts out

N N N N Passed
HB1194/SB1023  Drug Cost Commission

For drugs costing over $30,000 a year, a commission would require drug corporations to explain the rationale behind pricing and be subject to a pricing standard

n/a Y Y Y Not Passed

(Voted on only once in Senate)

HB0736/SB576  Information on and Sales of Prescription Drugs

Prohibiting a Pharmacy Benefits Manager from not allowing pharmacists to provide patients with information regarding the retail price of a prescription drug or the amount of the cost share for a prescription drug for which the beneficiary is responsible

Y Y Y Y Passed
HB1453/SB0732  Clean Energy Jobs Act of 2018

Raise the amount of renewable energy used in MD to 50% by 2030

n/a n/a n/a n/a Not Passed

(Voted down by Economic Matters)

HB0766/SB0610  Forest Conservation

Improve the current Forest Protection Act by creating a task force to develop findings and make recommendations to protect Maryland’s most vulnerable forests

Y Y N Y Not Passed

(Allowed to die in GA on last day of session)

HB1632&HB0715/SB1142  Public Service Commission  Reform 

Create a more extensive PSC analysis of community health impacts and improve notice communications to communities when gas infrastructure proposals are submitted to the PSC.

n/a n/a n/a n/a Not Passed

(Voted down by Economic Matters

HB1/SB2  Rape Survivor Family protection Act 

Authorize court to terminate parental rights for men convicted of non-consensual sex

Y Y Y Y Passed
HB301/SB270  Repeat Sexual Predator Prevention Act

Make evidence that defendants committed prior sexually assaultive behavior admissible to the court

Y Y Y Y Passed
HB1646/SB1036 Firearms Transfer (Women’s Domestic Bill)

Convicted domestic abusers will now be ordered by the court to surrender any firearms in their possession

Y Y Y Y Passed
HB888/SB707 Rapid Fire Trigger Activator

Ban ‘bump-style’ stocks and other accessories that enable a semi-automatic rifle to simulate automatic gunfire

Y Y Y Y Passed
HB1461 Supporting All Families Everywhere (SAFE)

Maintain community trust in Maryland governmental operations and law enforcement by clarifying the parameters of State and local participation in federal immigration enforcement efforts

n/a N
n/a n/a Not Passed
HB0001 MD Healthy Working Families

Employers with 16 employees or more are required to provide up to 5 days of earned sick and safe leave (passed in 2017, then vetoed by Gov. Hogan, and veto overridden by General Assembly in 2018)

N N N N Passed
HB0902/SB1028 Youth Mental Health Protection Act-Conversion Therapy

Prohibits provision of conversion therapy to minors by licensed healthcare providers

Y Ab N Ab Passed
SB1218/HB1224 Ending Youth Homelessness Act of 2018. Creates a state grant program to fund community-based organizations offering supportive services — including emergency shelter and time-limited housing — for Maryland’s nearly 2,500 homeless youth Y Y Y Y Passed
SB1156/HB447 County Pretrial Services Fund

Establishing the Pretrial Services Program Grant Fund to provide grants to eligible counties to establish or improve pretrial services

Y N N N Passed

WISE 2018 scorecard

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